Stigma of the Dump

Bringing children and families out of poverty,
one at a time.

  1. Providing Direct Relief
    KISES India NGO has been set up by the poor for the poor. The founder, Mr Shoury Babu is from a lower middle caste community (Dalit), he knows the villagers by name and talks to them about their problems and understands the help that they need.
  2. Transparency
    Charity in India is unfortunately wrought with corruption with reports that only 10% of funding actually getting to the intended goal. KISES has experience of delivering projects with complete transparency with a large international international charity. All transactions will monitored from UK.
  3. Volunteers
    Volunteers are needed in UK, India and rest of world, to help spread the word. promote the work and generate funding.
  4. Funding
    Funds are desperately needed to continue the great work that KISES is doing.
  1. Reskilling
  2. Aspirations
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  4. Eager to learn
Help a child today

We need volunteers and funding urgently

If you have time and skills to offer to develop the fantastic work that is being done.  
Please contact Meriel Woodward on [email protected]