Despite living in desparate conditions with nothing, these parents were full of pride to introduce their brightly clothed, and playful children.
The plastic they collect for recycling on the fly-infested tip can earn them up to 150 rupees per adult per day (£1.50) to feed the whole family.  Of course the children support with the collecting where they can.   I can't even describe how it felt to leave those children picking through the rubbish when I left the dump.   Words are not enough, action is needed.
Phase 1 of our 'Humanisation' project proposal will see 50 families relocated to a tented village away from the dump, giving these deserving people access for the first time to clean water, fresh food, solar powered lighting, sanitation and a temporary shed for introducing the young children to education. Each family sponsored means that we are closer to meeting our project objectives for the whole community.  It will cover the the most basic needs, including a tent, bedding, cooking vessels, clean clothes, breakfast with milk and midday meals.
We are asking for sponsors to come forward to give similar support to all 50 families.

All funds raised in this way, and through your generous donations and fundraising, are being sent directly to the projects in Vijayawada, so you can be assured that there are no UK office costs or large salaries to pay.
If you wish to be come a sponsor, please donate as usual using the links below and contact us regarding registration for your sponsorship family.  We will then write back with full details.

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We are dedicated to getting the funds directly to those who need it.